Your Powder Paradise

Sledding in Wyoming, and specifically Yellowstone National Park, brings on many welcome feelings… That great tired feeling you get from playing at altitude from sun up to sun down. A grin you can't stop from spreading ear to ear. Sparkling memories that replay in your dreams and whenever you get together with your snowmobiling buddies. That's the power of powder. That, my friend, is Wyoming.

Wyoming in winter is a playground for kids of all ages and interests. Are you a daredevil, seeking out some wicked inclines? The Snowy Range has you covered. Looking for some wide open spaces to really put on some breathtaking speed? Head to the Continental Divide Trail. Or maybe you're looking to the grand vistas and abundant wildlife to take that breath away. Yellowstone country is waiting. Or visit the Big Horns for first class trails. Whatever you want, wherever you want, Wyoming's got the fluffy stuff to get you there.

Our long season makes two or three visits possible each winter. Make your mark on our more than 2,000 miles of groomed trails and powder playgrounds.

For more information, visit us at www.gosledwyoming.com or call 800-225-5996.

Points of Interest